Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Inaugural Post

So this is it. I've been talking about it for too long, and now I'm biting the bullet and starting the blog. This blog will be dedicated to my restaurant reviews. When I was in college, I waited tables to pay the bills. I loved waiting tables. I loved serving people. I loved teaching others to serve better. I know what great restaurant service is and I definitely know what it isn't.

On this blog, I'll be reviewing all types of restaurants. I have two small children, so I tend to frequent fast food establishments. They'll be no exception. All restaurants can benefit from constructive criticism. That's why they hire secret shoppers to give them feedback on everything from outdoor landscaping to food presentation to how the bathroom smells. (You think I'm kidding.)

Throughout the years, I've seen a not-so-gradual chasm grow between average restaurants and top-notch restaurants. The great ones are memorable, but even one bad experience can be detrimental. It's about time someone stepped in to caution restaurants about the threat of poor service on profitability and even viability.

From this point on, I'll be making a point to tell you about every dining out experience I have. I use the term "dining out" pretty loosely. In many cases, I may be sharing thoughts on simple interaction with the crew at the drive-thru window. I'm hoping that this experiment ultimately results in an overhaul of how all restaurants consider their service.

Ideally, this will benefit us all. We'll get great service whenever and wherever we eat and won't feel the least bit resentful for the monetary figure in the tip line.

I welcome your recommendations for places I should try. If you know of an amazing restaurant with impeccable service that deserves some attention, let me know. If you know of a dive with awesome food but that has an incompetent wait staff, I'd like to check it out. Or if you know of a hot spot that can't quite get any of it together, bring it on! I'll be giving my feedback, so I'd appreciate yours.

Finally, none of these reviews are going to do any of us any good unless the restaurants read them and put my suggestions into practice, so I'd appreciate if you'd bookmark this blog and share it with others.


Nancy said...

Amy, I'm doing a guest spot on my blog for you. Do with it what you please.

Nancy said...

I mean Laura!! I'm tired this morning.